About Us

Ifenin is an Interactive Exhibition of the Weaving Art, based in Athens, established in 2018. It’s soul is Chrysa Georgiou, and with her we are going to make a journey through time. But not only that..

Chrysa Georgiou


Chrysa Georgiou was taught the art of the loom by her mother Christina, in the small mountain village of Radovizi, near Ioannina.

She then sought techniques, patterns and materials in cities, towns and villages all over Greece, but even beyond the country’s borders. So today, her mind and imagination weave them into warps and wefts.

In ifenin, the visitor will tangibly gain personal, emotional or historic experience and perhaps leave with a beautiful artifact.

The hand looms are the means. Emphasis is placed primarily on flawless technique and the healing process of coordinating mind, soul and body.

Destination, but not the end of the journey is to safeguard and transmit the precious art of weaving, which is recognized today, at world level, for its great and sustainable value. Not just because it can document historical development, or even the connection with collective memory, but also because it is a dynamic and fruitful proposal for the future.